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Want to change lives, work on your own schedule, and reach a global audience?

Barely Efficient (BE) welcomes original submissions in English from writers all over the world on the following:

  • Recommendations of productivity applications or software.
  • Opinion pieces, thought leadership articles, trend stories and industry analyses (BE Insights). This can be from the perspectives of technology, business, psychology, anthropology, sociology, travel, philosophy, and so on. There are no limits, as long as your article has got something to do with productivity or technology. The best BE Insights pieces demonstrate a careful and critical evaluation of current issues and have something novel to contribute to a larger conversation that is happening in our world today.

Why write for BE ?

Writing with us comes with many benefits. Here are just three:

  1. BE believes in giving our writers a fair deal. We’ll pay you once the article has gone through the full editorial process, even before it has been published. Rates will be discussed in advance, and will be commensurate with your skills and experience. Payment can be made via PayPal or Payoneer, but we prefer Payoneer for its wider coverage and lower transaction fees. (Click here to sign up for a free account with Payoneer (link)).
  2. Your work will be read by an international audience of productivity and tech enthusiasts, and individuals looking for ways to optimize their lives. Articles carry your bylines and bios. We work hard at providing the best content and handle all website promotion and marketing, so this means high-quality traffic for you at no expense. In addition, when your article has been published on the website, our social media channels automatically carry it, therefore increasing your article’s reach.
  3. You can change lives! Your recommendations will make our readers’ lives easier, and your insight pieces may influence how someone thinks about productivity and the latest technology.

Barely Efficient wants to reward consistent writers. Writers who produce consistent and high-quality articles will have their profiles featured under the “The BE Crew” page, guaranteeing more readership for their articles!

“Sounds Great! Where do I start?”

Writing for us involves only three steps: Send us a pitch, write the article, and get paid.

  1. Send us a short e-mail pitch. While we review unsolicited articles, we discourage submitting complete articles that are not approved beforehand. Pitches should include:
    1. The name and brief description of app/software that you would like to recommend to our readers, OR your idea for BE Insights. Please read Generation Progress’s guidelines on how to write a good pitch.
    2. A brief author bio (up to 80 words). If you have a LinkedIn (preferred), Facebook, Twitter or about.me page, include as many of them in your pitch e-mail. If you have not heard from us in three days, please check your spam/junk folder, or re-send your e-mail. By the way, we conduct checks to ensure that submitted articles are not copied from elsewhere.

Pitches can be rejected due to one of the following reasons, so do your due diligence before submitting one. Here are some reasons why some articles may be rejected:

  1. The content of your pitch closely resembles an existing article already written on the site.
  2. Your command of the English language is not good enough. While we are not expecting zero grammatical and spelling mistakes, it would be difficult for us to accept articles that are difficult to comprehend.
  3. The scope of your article is too limited (for example, if you are recommending an app that is only accessible by, or of interest to, people living in Timbuktu).

If your pitch has been successful, you will be invited to write an article. Each article should be 800-1500 words long and should have personality. Save the boring academic dissertations for your college grades!

Recommendations should include the following:

  • a headline
  • an introductory blurb
  • the name and price of the recommended app/software
  • your criteria for evaluating the app/software
  • a review of the app/software against the criteria
  • 4-6 screenshots of the mobile and desktop versions of the app when in use
  • a list of “competing” apps/software; and
  • a conclusion stating why the recommended app/software is a cut above the rest.

Study the format of our published articles and organize your article accordingly,

A BE Insights article should include the following:

  • a headline
  • a background of the issue you are discussing
  • an analysis or a deconstruction of the current issue
  • suggested solutions if there is a highlighted problem
  • predicted outcomes or implications of the current issue you are discussing.

Please download the BE Writers’ Guidelines (link) for detailed instructions and requirements. All submissions will go through the BE editorial process. Articles not following the guidelines may be declined.

  1. Get paid upon acceptance of your article! You will be notified of when your article will be going live, and you are highly encouraged to log on to respond to comments to your article in the comment section and share the article on your social media.


Are you ready? Start pitching to BE’s editorial team today; the e-mail to hit is editorial@barelyefficient.com.

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