The BE Crew

Soh Wee Yang - Founder

Wee Yang is the founder of Barely Efficient, a digital content specialist and a scholar of anthropology. He is curious and passionate about new technologies and how it can drive self-improvement. Many people cannot tell if he is Chinese, Korean, or Japanese, and he absolutely cannot live without bubble tea. In his spare time, he writes flash stories and lip-syncs to American and Korean pop hits, and fantasizes about better ways to get things done.

Sujith Kumar - Editor

Sujith is Barely Efficient’s Editor. He has written and edited for international print and online publications, and works full-time in higher education. A Harvard and Columbia alumnus, he is intensely curious and frustratingly scatter-brained. His interests are in world cultures, education and technology.

Zayden Madani - Author

Zayden is a Barely Efficient author. He is interested in researching how the latest technology modifies how thoughts are constructed. He is also an R&B music producer, and has DJ’ed for small gigs in the UK. When Zayden is not working overtime, you might be able to catch him running around Central Park trying to catch that elusive Vaporeon.

Anna Fischer - Sub-editor

Anna is Barely Efficient’s sub-editor. When she is not keeping tabs on the Scandinavian start-up space, she freelances for various online publications. The Kajukenbo black belt is currently researching the evolution of martial arts, particularly the syncretism of traditional Asian styles in the post-digital age.

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